What Kind of Person Would We Like Our Graduates to Be?

By Ayesha Flaherty, Head of Enrollment and Communications and Parent of Current Fifth- and Eighth-Graders When you walk around The Langley School campus, you notice almost instantly that there is something special about our students. They open doors for you and others, they approach you with confidence, they impress you with a curious question or thoughtful statement, and they smile and giggle. But what lies underneath these actions? What happens in the classrooms and the hallways that creates this type of student? What do Langley’s teachers do to foster these behaviors? How do you articulate the motivations of these students? In 68 seconds, this video – the latest addition to Langley’s whiteboard video series – shares not only the skills and qualities that represent Langley graduates, but more importantly, the “how” of their being.    In my administrative role at Langley, I have had the benefit of seeing this profound development in countless students from the time they enroll at Langley as a new student to when they graduate. I’ve been exposed to how teachers think deeply about the classroom experiences and the skills being prioritized. And, as a parent, I see how my sons are being shaped in ways that are deeply meaningful and long-lasting. This year, I and my fellow eighth-grade parents will delight in seeing our children receive their Langley diplomas, knowing that being a Langley graduate means they are curious, compassionate, confident, culturally competent, and committed, and will have the compass “to do great things in the right way.”
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