What Can You Say in 65 Seconds?

Ayesha Flaherty, Head of Enrollment and Communications and Langley Parent

It’s hard to sum up a school’s curriculum in just 65 seconds, but this is a great start. Take a listen…

When developing this video, our goal was to visually capture what is extra special and unique about The Langley School’s curriculum. It highlights how our curriculum is…

…intentionally designed along Langley’s Arc of Development to meet the needs of budding 3-year-olds to emerging adolescents, based on where they are cognitively, emotionally, and socially.

…grounded and supported in research on what skills our students will need to be successful today, in high school, and in the workplace. We know that accumulated knowledge alone will not set students apart. More than ever, students will need to engage material deeply, solve problems creatively, think critically, and collaborate with others.

…evolving and dynamic to meet ever-changing student and parent needs. With flexibility and open-mindedness in instruction and practices, students develop a lifelong love of learning.

…brought to life in each classroom based on the attentive relationships between our students and expert teachers. Attentive teaching feeds children’s ability to understand their talents, interests, and themselves so their potential can be revealed and they can thrive in the classroom and beyond.

…anchored in the process of building unshakable foundations and inspiring student engagement, because from there the path is set for future success and well-being.

If you liked the first whiteboard video, here is one more we’d like to share.


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