A Graduate’s Reflections for the Class of 2020

by Claire Coker ’19

While it is unfortunate we’ve had to make adjustments due to the present pandemic that include online school and modified end-of-year celebrations, I cannot express enough empathy for The Langley School’s graduating class of 2020. You all have shared countless memories together from preschool to eighth grade on the field, backstage, and throughout the Middle School halls. Even though there won’t be a traditional graduation ceremony this year, which I’m sure is disappointing, those treasured moments will still be honored.

The Langley School AlumniThe encounters I had at Langley with my peers and teachers are still memories I reminisce about with fondness. I have a hard time thinking they’ll be forgotten. How could I forget the numerous “productive” times in the project room? Or Ms. Gustin’s comforting yet deep voice in the morning? Although you’ve been learning from the comforts of your couch over the last few months, you’re leaving with an irreplaceable educational experience. I’m confident your Langley experience prepared you for high school as it did for me.

Langley teaches students kindness, honesty, leadership, and ultimately, how to express themselves. Langley first cultivated my interests in sports and arts, and in high school, I’ve been able to participate on several sports teams and develop an adoration for photography. I feel fortunate that my baby brother will be joining the Langley community this fall and will be surrounded by such a supportive and encouraging group of people. I offer a huge shout out to the faculty and staff who made my Langley experience so enjoyable!

I’d like to share this quote (and advice) from one of my favorite movies with the graduating class. I am always reminded of it when I receive a message from one of my Langley comrades.

“No man is a failure who has friends.” -from “It’s a Wonderful Life”

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